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I don't often post art, but leave a comment for every artwork is appreciated!

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Cringey looking art that you might be interested in.

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My twitter Profile Banner wishlist:

Some ideas for my twitter banner:

A Buizel who's head is sticking out of the lake, is admiring his hard work (sculpture), floating on top of the lake water.

The sculpture is made out of floats (you know, the inflatable tube kind that helps you float on water if you are a non-swimmer.) That spelled out the words "BLUETAILS" or "BUIZEL" or "BLUETAILS the BUIZEL". You can choose either of the three depending on your capabilities. If the last one is the chosen word for the final sculpture, then the word "the" is notably smaller than the words "BLUETAILS" or "BUIZEL", and either words should stack on top of the other.

You can add Quilava, Lanturn, Snivy and/or Popplio as "cameos" in the artwork, since they are my favourite Pokemon. You don't have to include all of them if it's not possible to include them all.

2. Snivy or Buizel sleeping on a Shaymin pillow.

3. Just a cool banner with my name and favourite pkmn. You don't have to cram all of my fav pkmn. And I wouldn't mind if some of my favs pkmn don't end up in the final design.


tanyuliang's Profile Picture
Bluetails the Buizel
Deviation used for my profile pic (click on it to go to the webpage):
Tired and Sleepy Buizel by BuizelCream
(I don't have blue eyes ^w^)

Glad to see you there! I'm BluetailsTheBuizel, and welcome to my Deviantart home page. You can call me Yu Liang, but you would probably prefer to call me as Bluetails since Yu Liang is march harder to pronounce.

I'm a orange, two-tailed, curious, adventurous, floatable, orange weasel. I'm 19 in human years and I can't talk, so I have to rely on the keyboard to communicate.

My favourite Pokémon are Popplio, Snivy, Braixen and other Buizel (ok, sort of),

I didn't mention this before, but I also wear a casio watch on my left hand, it is hidden under a thick layer of fur. So that's why you usually don't see me wearing one.

I also wear a Time Gear necklace that I brought from esty. Made from @sleeplesstoto, I hung it over my neck.

William Afrvo Bluetails is my internet full name (inf). An internet full name is not my real (life) name but it'll be my name when I am online. I don't use my ifn often so I may make spelling mistakes to my ifn.




If anyone asks, anyone can make a buizel's face (or head) than I can put it on as my profile pic.

Profiles I made on the internet:
YouTube - inactive, but still pretty cool...……
I also make Minecraft maps! Go check it out! - I'm not planning to create an account anytime soon...


"Guess What? I also make music too!"…
3 Dropbox accounts
4 Drives

Gota stop now! Dad is comming!


My dad recently took my pc away, so that means no digital drawings for an indefinite number of days.
Swimming by Winick-Lim

I like this artwork, because you can actually see that #Greninja 's tounge actually comes out of its mouth!

Alternate title: "One summer day"


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